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Short Description

Topaz is, as our other villas except Amber with it´s own spa, set in private grounds, although on a slightly smaller scale.

It is ideal for those, particularly couples, who want luxury accommodation - the master bedroom with its full ensuite bathroom and patio doors to its small balcony is a particular feature.   
The lounge, dining area and kitchen along with the second bedroom are on the ground floor.

Outside the villa has its own private south-facing sunbathing terrace not forgetting, of course, its own spa.

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Short Description

Amber is similar to Topaz, ideal for couples, who want a luxury accommodation - the large master bedroom with its full on suite bathroom along with the second bedroom and on suite are on the lower ground floor The lounge, dining area and kitchen and toilet are on the raised ground floor looking down on the pool. Outside the villa has its own private sunbathing terrace 

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Short Description

Crystal is one of our two most spacious villas having its large lounge, dining area and kitchen on the ground floor.
The master bedroom suite is on the first floor with a second bedroom on the ground floor. 
Further bedroom accommodation is available for large parties. 
Although internally similar to Sapphire, the terraces and gardens to the front and the additional large rear terrace gives the villa the greatest outside space of all our properties.

With its own entrance it is tucked away in one corner of the complex, but also just a few steps away from all of Infiniti's facilities.

Crystal will appeal to those couples wanting a little extra private space and for larger parties sharing.

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Short Description

Sapphire is our flagship, luxurious with plenty of living, dining and kitchen space and 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms - similar to Crystal.
The two different outdoor areas offer something for everyone.
At the front of the property, the garden is in the sun most of the day - ideal for privacy and sunbathing.
To the rear, the covered terrace offers shade, with seating and dining areas, and the opportunity to chat with other guests around the large pool.